Monday, August 11, 2008

Brender's Service Station and Brender Park

Pictured above is the station (with owner Frederick Brender) which was built in 1926. Pictured below is the station the way it appears today. It is located on a portion of the original Blewett Pass Hwy 1/2 mile south of the Ingall's Creek cutoff (across the highway from the Convenience Center). A caretaker lives there today. Sometime after 1926, a campsite was built. It was called Brender Park and featured rooms for rent or a stay in one of 3 cabins. The park featured a Pelton Wheel which generated electricity for the campsite. The second structure adjacent to the station in the black and white picture is a hot dog stand. You can't read the sign above the station but it says: Brender Park, Chevron Gasoline, Rooms and Cabins.
The cabin seen below can be found along US 97 across the street from Mineral Springs Cafe. It used to be a miner's cabin. It belonged to the cafe for awhile. Now the US Forest is evaluating the site for a potential project.

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