Saturday, May 8, 2010

Blewett Stamp Mill and Hotel


WoodCrafter said...

So can anyone give some directions on where to find the original mill site and also the hotel ? Been over the pass and also the old Blewett pass road several times..
As a teenager (I am 72 now), I remember deer hunting with my dad, about 1958 in the Blewett pass area and seeing a old ski area.. tried to find it lately but with no luck..

Joshua Thompson said...

A ski area? I would think that would be at the top, maybe on the flank of Table Mountain or even near the southern entrance to the old highway? Sorry I am no help. But it would seem nobody else has replied! The mill site it pointed out by the plaque, I think. It is on the opposite side of the highway near Culver Gulch, up against the hillside.